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PIRATES Return with a Vengence!

Posted by Marti Melville on November 29, 2013 at 4:45 PM 

Indeed - keep a weathered eye on the horizon.


Come January 2014, Pirates will be returning to the entertainment industry. The advent of Black Sails heralds a new era in pirate-themed media. But Black Sails is nothing like Disney's POTC empire. No, this series due to air on STARZ brings a new flavor to the popular pirate genre. Dark, historical and edgy, Black Sails is sure to drive renewed interest in pirates.


My response? A hearty HUZZAH! Gone are the slap-stick and swashbuckling days of Errol Flynn and Disney. Enter the true feel of pirates - another testament to Kathryn and the Captain's days on board the Revenge. Dark history, nail-biting adventure and bloody survival stain the Caribbean in the 18th Century. Tall tales passed down from salty-dog to seafarer come to life in the Deja vu Chronicles.


Stay tuned, as Dark Sales darken the Caribbean and the Moon Omens illuminate shadowed deeds of pirates who sailed the Spanish Main with Captain Phillips, Kathryn and the crew of the Revenge.


Deja vu Chronicles:  Midnight Omen, Silver Moon, Onyx Rising, Cutthroat's Omen: a Crimson Dawn.


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