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The Beckon of a Distant Age

Posted by Marti Melville on March 11, 2012 at 3:40 AM

It's nearly midnight and I cannot get my head out of the Caribbean - the 18th Century Caribbean.  I recognize this "symptom" as the onset of another book waiting to be born.  In fact, it already did...

Two weeks ago sitting in my favorite leather oversized chair, a fire burning brightly in the fireplace and my beagle lying at my feet  I suddenly had the flood of words and sentances fill my head.  The third book in the Deja vu series erupted in my mind.  This happens every time I write.  Almost, as if someone is dictating, the onslaught of text fills my mind and I have no option but to record it.   Nearly as quickly as these sentances come into being, they are gone and I know the writing for that day is over.  My mind, once racing with thoughts and ideas and phrases suddenly is blank. 

This is a phenomenon not unusual for authors.  I've heard (from a very good source) that Carol King's famous song, "You've Got a Friend" was given to her in the same way.  The music and lyrics were provided to her and she wrote it down.  What gifts her creations have been to so many of us raised in the '70's - thank heavens for her insight!

But really, the author is the tool - we listen, accept and regurgitate the images and thoughts (literally words and phrases in my case) sent to our heads.  After a while of this, a novel is created.  It's an amazing process - one that takes me back to a time long ago, a time of adventure and danger and piracy!

Oh history!  What great gifts you give to those you beckon back into your grasp.  A moment spent experiencing what must have been, to sail over the same crystal waters as the Revenge and wonder what traces lie deep beneath the surface - remnants of that mighty ship which passed along the same currents nearly four hundred years ago catches the breath of those who reminisce.

My hope is to bring a part of that "awe" that I feel as I sail over the Caribbean waters and ponder four hundred years earlier to you - the reader.  My hope is also that you experience the same wonder and willingly share with me your love of history and Caribbean adventures over the high seas. 

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