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The Beckon of a Distant Age

Posted by Marti Melville on March 11, 2012 at 3:40 AM Comments comments (0)

It's nearly midnight and I cannot get my head out of the Caribbean - the 18th Century Caribbean.  I recognize this "symptom" as the onset of another book waiting to be born.  In fact, it already did...

Two weeks ago sitting in my favorite leather oversized chair, a fire burning brightly in the fireplace and my beagle lying at my feet  I suddenly had the flood of words and sentances fill my head.  The third book in the Deja vu series erupted in my mind.  This happens every time I write.  Almost, as if someone is dictating, the onslaught of text fills my mind and I have no option but to record it.   Nearly as quickly as these sentances come into being, they are gone and I know the writing for that day is over.  My mind, once racing with thoughts and ideas and phrases suddenly is blank. 

This is a phenomenon not unusual for authors.  I've heard (from a very good source) that Carol King's famous song, "You've Got a Friend" was given to her in the same way.  The music and lyrics were provided to her and she wrote it down.  What gifts her creations have been to so many of us raised in the '70's - thank heavens for her insight!

But really, the author is the tool - we listen, accept and regurgitate the images and thoughts (literally words and phrases in my case) sent to our heads.  After a while of this, a novel is created.  It's an amazing process - one that takes me back to a time long ago, a time of adventure and danger and piracy!

Oh history!  What great gifts you give to those you beckon back into your grasp.  A moment spent experiencing what must have been, to sail over the same crystal waters as the Revenge and wonder what traces lie deep beneath the surface - remnants of that mighty ship which passed along the same currents nearly four hundred years ago catches the breath of those who reminisce.

My hope is to bring a part of that "awe" that I feel as I sail over the Caribbean waters and ponder four hundred years earlier to you - the reader.  My hope is also that you experience the same wonder and willingly share with me your love of history and Caribbean adventures over the high seas. 

Self Survival

Posted by Marti Melville on January 10, 2011 at 1:06 PM Comments comments (0)

January is the month for Capricorns and I always tend to think about this sign every January.  The reason isn't really as random as it may seem, I have two Capricorns in my family.  The are amazing men; assertive, intelligent, self-disciplined, driven, hard-working and hard on themselves.  Their Saggitarian brother (born only a few weeks earlier) is my "surfer son" whose laid-back approach and live-in-the-moment attitude is a flagrant contrast to his sibling brothers.

As I researched this month's moon and planetary signs for the Pirate Prophecy (yes...I really based the piratical horoscope on actual planetary predictions for this month), I realized the personal trait of being hard on oneself isn't relegated to just Capricorns.  We all do it.  In fact, we tend to be so hard on ourselves as human beings that we drive ourselves to placate the guilt and injury that results, sometimes in self-destructive ways.  Why is that? 

Once upon a time...I heard a speech that changed my life.  The speaker asked us to visualize ourselves at a very young age, say 3 or 4 years old.  Once that image was captured and we were looking into the eyes of our very young selves, we were asked the question: "Would you treat that child the same way you treat your adult self?"  Powerful!  I wept when I thought of it and vowed to never be cruel to that little girl with big blue eyes again.  Of course, it's been difficult because she's tucked away deep in my spirit, but she's still there and she still cries when I hurt her.  So, the task is to protect, respect and love ourselves.  Value who we are and know we are precious.  Our actions could shift to a more spiritual awareness of ourselves when approached this way. 

There is a famous saying that sailors are known to recite (you all know it): 

Red skies at morning, sailors take warning

Red skies at night, a sailor's delight

Perhaps as we look for our own Red Skies, we can recognize the signs that fall with the "Red skies at night" and look for those delightful times.  Should the morning raise crimson, it is my hope we will protect, defend and love that which is most dear - choosing joy and kindness for ourselves. 

Fair Winds Be Yours ~


New Year Wish

Posted by Marti Melville on December 29, 2010 at 3:39 PM Comments comments (0)


Two days remain before we share the amazing transition from 2010 to the birth of the new year.  Mixed emotions surface for me each time January 31st comes around and I always stop to wonder why.  The "Wave Theory" explodes in my heart as I remind myself to stand up, let go of what has been and move back into life's current to "catch the next great ride".


A dear friend shared this poem with me which sums up my attitude about my New Year's Resolution.  Let me share a beautiful vision put to paper by author,   Michael Lee:


In the Year Ahead

May I befriend my body as a temple of my spirit

And invite it to support my awareness in all things

Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual.

May my awareness lead to expanding self-knowledge

Supporting me on my quest for wholeness

And may I fully accept all that is revealed to me in all of my being

Knowing that I am perfect in my imperfection

May I be open to the multitude of choices that present to me

And carefully discern the paths that support me on my journey

May I be open to the trugh that is uniquely mine

And have the strength to act on that truth in my day to day life

May my life flow like a stream from mountains to sea

Finding my way no matter what the obstacle or weather

Secure in the knowledge that I am free and I am me, unique, yet one with all.

Namaste ~


And the Winner Is...

Posted by Marti Melville on December 6, 2010 at 4:40 PM Comments comments (1)



"Meet me at Shivers in ten minutes," my sister rattled off over the phone.  So I did...


We had a great time talking, eating excellent burgers and catching up.  Then she handed me a square present wrapped in Christmas paper and said, "You're about the only one I know who will just settle down with a good book and read for the rest of the day".  Yup!  That's what I like to do...or write.



It got me thinking about this time of year when the skies grow dark early, cold sets in with snowfall and my favorite place to be is snuggled into my sofa with a blanket, something warm to drink and a book.  Love those moments!  I know my sis and I aren't the only ones who do this. 


I'm curious - what is your all-time favorite book and why?  AND how do you read the best?


Please share directly on this blog, as there are many who enjoy reading about "your style".



Have a wonderful week!


A Season of Chaos

Posted by Marti Melville on November 17, 2010 at 10:04 PM Comments comments (0)

Sunset became official about an hour ago here in the Rocky Mountains.  The Western sky was ablaze with vibrant sienna, bittersweet and copper.  Clouds peppered the night sky's pigmentation in various shades of slate.  Random bursts of light shot forth, the last rays of this day's sun.  It was breathtaking...and chaotic.


I sat with the ex's second wife (yes, we are very close friends) who told me of her trials.  She said something profound, "I feel like I am sitting in the eye of a hurricane watching as my loved ones spin around me. When one of them spins a little too far out, I reach up and pluck them back down.  Then off goes the next one and I reach up and pull them back, and so on..."  Wow!  What an amazingly accurate image she painted of her purpose, her talent and chaos.



Last evening I spent a few hours nibbling on veggie wraps and quiche with a co-worker, mentor and dear friend.  She figited and fed herself amazing food while letting floodgates ease open just a crack and emotion trickle through.  She was facing loss, fear, change, hope, adventure...and chaos.


My neice and nephew buried their firstborn today, a baby brought to this earth then taken from it in the same breath.  Their strength, dignity, faith and unity overwhelmed and inspired me.   I blinked back the tears and watched as lives were touched, tested and tempered this day.  Unity prevaled amoung cousins, sisters, brothers, parents and friends.  Five generations of family bonded over the loss of an infant only an handful had met.  As the winds blew and leaves fell on this very unsettled day, peace prevailed, overturning a chaotic event.


This is an unusual autumn.  There is chaos in the colors of the leaves still clininging to the trees, as vibrant and varied as the sunset this evening.  Temperatures seem unable to decide whether to stay a summery 70 or frigid 40, dancing back and forth between the two extremes.  In just one week, a day of Thanks is celebrated throughout this great country.  Exotic foods are consumed as traditions are repeated.  So much change, so much chaos.



As I walked this evening, staring at the amazing sunset splayed before my eyes, I realized that chaos isn't bad.  I love the vibrant colors of the leaves and felt joy at the vision given to me in the twilight sky as the sun set.  I look forward to the hustle and tradition of holidays.  This is chaos I can revel in.  It is a choice: do you see leaves clinging to trees that just need to be raked up as the days grow colder or do you choose to peek at God's palette.  Are life's chaotic events spinning you off into oblivion or do you see yourself as the anchor in a brilliant storm.


Choose joy, choose peace, choose to find yourself in your chaos.







Saying Goodbye

Posted by Marti Melville on November 8, 2010 at 9:31 PM Comments comments (0)

FIRST - let me apologize to those of you who visit me here on the website every Sunday and Wednesday for the weekly blog.   I have been a real slacker, but I do have a good excuse...


I posted a blog about my "excuse" on my personal blog site:  Feel free to drop by and read my thoughts about the same subject (just a little more personalized).


So, today my head has been filled and my heart overwhelmed with the process of saying "goodbye".  I once heard that it was easier to say "goodbye" and be the one leaving than to be the one left behind.   I think that is true, in many cases.  Yesterday, I said goodbye to my dog (he is staying at my son's house in Denver), my granddaughters and my daughter-in-law.  This was tearful and gut-wrenching for me, particularly as I looked back at three innocent faces watching me drive away wondering why.  (I can't even think about it without getting choked up!)



This morning, my dear friend returned after saying goodbye to her father as she laid him to rest.  I cannot comprehend that "goodbye" yet because thankfully, my father is alive and thriving.  My heart ached for her. 


Driving the long distance from Denver to SLC allows for a lot of thinking time.  I thought about my current book (the sequel to Midnight Omen Deja vu) and the idea for the ENDING popped into my head...a goodbye to the book, so-to-speak.  Of course, this brought me back to contemplating life after death and reincarnation.  I wonder if our "goodbyes" here in this lifetime are merely "hello's" to the next.  The birth of a new life occurs on the other side of this mortality as we allow ourselves to say "goodbye".  It allows the process of leaving behind and saying goodbye to go through a kind of metamorphysis, turning itself into anticipation and promise. 



So many recent goodbyes that have torn at my the goal is to find new hope and joy.  Wish me luck (and please share any suggestions you may have to accomplish this!)


Namaste ~


All Hallow's Eve

Posted by Marti Melville on October 29, 2010 at 9:48 PM Comments comments (0)


Fall is truly my favorite season!  So many traditions make it that way for me: the evening air turns crisp and paints nature a vibrant array of colors, football season dominates the weekends of sports fans, eating yellow vegetables is totally cool, scary stories and tales of ghosts pulls me into the pages of my favorite books, cemeteries are my favorite haunts and humankind waits for Halloween when tricks and treats stalk the streets as adult and children alike shed their daily image and don a new identity.



Year after year, from times earliest record, All Hallow's Eve has been a night of tradition.  Fires burned in ancient Celtic rituals celebrating Samhan, hallowed Saints were honored by Christians and European folk traditions collaborated to create the Halloween we celebrate today in America.



Of course, I am one who has grown up loving "The Great Pumpkin" with Charlie Brown and was always the first in my family to create the perfect costume for trick-or-treating through Millcreek.  Too soon it seemed I was designated as "too old to trick-or-treat".  Yet as an adult, there is still a compulsive draw to the mystic moons and creepy cemeteries that become "appropriate" when Fall makes it appearance. 



 Why is that, do you think? 


I don't have the answer of course, but the desire is there and excitement builds as I anticipate becoming my favorite alter-ego, a pirate, and my house converts to a grotto filled with treasure, an authentic wheel from a ships' helm (held by a long-dead helmsman whose skeleton features send chills down young kids' spines as they watch him sailing a sunken vessel in a foggy night).   Torches will burn and lanterns will flicker, lighting the path to the candy waiting for any mate who'll come aboard shoutin' "Trick-or-Treat!"



May ye all be safe an' have a most Happy Halloween!


M'Lady Marti 



The power of 10-10-10

Posted by Marti Melville on October 10, 2010 at 12:38 PM Comments comments (0)


Today is October 10th, 2010, the only time in history this number has been written as such: 10-10-10.  It is the tenth hour as I write this blog and I wonder what significance these numbers have for this day.  So...some research has provided an idea of what awaits for those of us intuitive enough to notice the events that will transpire over the next 24 hrs.


The number 10 is a combination (in some's view) of both masculine (number 1) and feminine (number 0), which has significance in and of itself if you are a fan of Dan Brown's writing.  The two together create a whole.  The number 1 is associated with the sun.  There is great power in the sun as well.  To my mind, this means today is a day of power, power to create, bond and do great things.  The chakras are also associated with these numbers.  1 is the highest chakra in our body and 0 is the lowest.  The number 10 represents transition of energy from the lowest to the highest chakras, encompassing all chakra points and the power of all seven.


What does all this mean then?  To my understanding, this day will be one of great accomplishment.  There will be extremes of all things: great rises and falls throughout the day. Fame, popularity and wealth could be suddenly amassed. Those with the number 10 in their birth numerology (something I am not an expert to interpret but can be found easily) have this potential almost constantly.   A word of caution follows, however.  Today is a day in which complete honesty must be maintained else suffer the pangs of disgrace which will definitely follow.


As I studied this amazing number, I though of the rise and fall of a great ship, powerful and majestic as it sails across the mighty sea.  Notice the day, the energy it contains and it's extremes in your life.  I would be interested to hear some of your experiences.  I too will take note and enjoy the rise and fall of 10-10-10.


Namaste ~


Tears, Rain and Things That Don't Make Me Cry

Posted by Marti Melville on October 6, 2010 at 6:15 PM Comments comments (0)


I am sitting here in the most beautiful office overlooking Millcreek as it's raining.  The tree in front of my office window was just about as tall as me, the last time I saw it.  Now, that same tree reaches with long sturdy branches across the manicured lawn, an umbrella shading delicate flowers and ivy running along the creek bed.  The creek's current cascades over stream rocks creating a rushing sound that soothes me while the raindrops dance on the water's surface.  All of this I am able to view through the framed large window in front of me as I sit here warm, awed and peaceful.


Well, almost peaceful...I just was stabbed by a very old piece of wood panelling, a tiny sliver imbedded in my ring fingertip.  It's painful reminder pulls me back from my serenity each time I tap an L or O or the period key. 



My life is sometimes like that.  I realized today what an amazing gift I have to choose joy almost unconsciously as I go through the events of my day.  Joy that is alot like the view outside my window: natural, peaceful and fulfilling.  That is...until something stabs my consciousness and reminds me that all of life isn't pleasant. 


I don't think these types of "reminders" are meant to destroy our experiences, although they easily could when focussed upon long enough.  My grandma is a perfect example of this.  She is 97 years young.  She cannot hear, has suffered several heart attacks (and still occasionaly mentions the "headache right here" - pointing to her chest - that "bothered me just a little last night but it's gone now", along with the many accumulating maladies that accompany a 90+ year old body.  These little "stabs" in her life do not seem to trouble her as much as my sliver is troubling me as I type this blog.  Her days are filled with studying old journals, writing new journals, organizing photos and family history, football and tatting (not in that order).  Right now I can hear her upstairs watching old home movies put onto DVD's, the volume so loud the neighbors can sing along with Glenn Miller's Orchestra as it plays.  She is laughing and cheering and pointing to faces of loved ones long gone from this life, waiting for her to join them.  No, those little "stabs" in her life don't distract her.  Life is "grand" as she would put it, should you ask.



My sister made the same observation in her new blog, which I highly recommend you take time to read.  She is hysterical and has a very dry sense of life.  The perfect antidote to "stabs".  Her website is:   In fact....I'm off to read her latest post and forget about this sliver!


Namaste ~


Flu Shots

Posted by Marti Melville on September 29, 2010 at 12:23 AM Comments comments (0)


Yes...tomorrow is the big day for my work place and I am in charge of it all - the annual Flu Shot Clinic. 

Due to the 0515 wake-up call and the late evening end-of-shift anticipated, I doubt there will be any blogging going on.  My apologies to anyone who looks forward to Sunday & Wednesday (blog days).  Especially, my apology to Kaycee, my daughter-in-law who will, no doubt, text me to remind me I'm a slacker this week.  Maybe with enough encouragement, she'll blog for me....we'll see.


So, let me put in my medical 2-cents here.  YES!  Definitely get your flu shot this season, stay healthy, happy and busy enjoying time with family, friends and a good book!




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